Oh and That’s Another Thing…

Ever browsed the self-help shelf and thumbed through One Hundred Ways to Make People Like You Without Looking Like a Try-Hard , The Nine Niggles of People Who Want to Get Up Off the Couch and Do Something but Can’t Be Bothered, Mindfulness in Minutes?

Oh, and That’s Another Thing – What Buddha Forgot to Say is not that kind of book.

What kind of book is it, then? It’s a book for people who want to be good – but not too good. For people who sometimes think things they shouldn’t say out loud – and then blurt them out anyway. For people who laugh at the wrong things, at the wrong time, and then slink home wishing they knew when to shut up. This book is for the idiot that hides away in all of us. (But not in you.)

Rose wants to be a better person – but in her own words, she’s a long way from Nirvana. She’s vain, lazy, mendacious, and not very politically correct. But with the help of her friend, Captain Savage, and a set of fictitious spiritual advisers, Rose embarks on a quest to become, if not good, slightly better – by collecting enough karmic ‘points’ to be reincarnated as a cat. Why a cat? Because, obviously, nothing on this planet has such a luxurious existence as the common, well fed House Feline.

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